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As a child, they teach you about safe spaces and how it is okay to retreat into yourself when the world gets too heavy. They teach you how to turn your skin into makeshift shelter and hide away when the storms hit, but how soon until a house becomes a prison cell and your bed starts to grow shackles and chains for a spine? and so you learn to draw a circle with chalk and you stand in it and wait for things to get better.

You draw a circle with chalks or parts of your own bone it doesn't really matter which, and you stand in it and wait for things to get better. You wait for days where you can walk outside and days where the air isn't barb-wired in your throat holding your soul by the skin of its back. You draw a circle and stand in it and nothing can touch you here but don't worry nothing is ever going to try anyway. You have knives for hands, daggers for teeth, red neon lights backed against a wall screaming do not touch do not touch me do not touch me so loud it rattles …


Reactivated my for a bit and scrolled through the unanswered questions I had and came across this one, figured it'd be a good writing prompt, and also figured the person who sent this deserved an answer. 

Q: Do you think he misses me like I do him sometimes?

A: I don’t know, if I had to be honest. Maybe he does. Maybe on some nights he misses you so much that he has trouble sleeping. Maybe he tosses and turns and he picks up his phone and almost dials your number. Maybe when he gets drunk on the weekends he calls his new girlfriend by your name. Maybe he still thinks about you every day. Or, every other day. Maybe he regrets ending things with you. Or he wishes he hadn’t let you go so easily. Maybe he still has your t-shirt. Something else you left behind. It doesn’t smell like you anymore, but he thinks it does. Maybe he still talks to his friends about you. Dreams about you. Wishes you would get in touch. Maybe he wonders how you are, whether you’ve found love. Maybe he hop…