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today i realized that even when you think you know everything there is to know about yourself, there’s still more to learn. even when you think you’ve considered all the possibilities of a situation, there’s still something you haven’t even thought of; another side of the story. it’s both exciting and terrifying to me to know that i’m never going to stop learning new things about who i am and how i interact with the world. part of me wants to have it all figured out so i know what move to make, what connection needs to be drawn next. another, larger part of me, doesn’t want to know. that part of me wants to throw myself into discovery and making mistakes and trying new things. i like the idea of recreating myself again and again. i’ve also realized that it’s possible to hurt someone you care about without even realizing it. you can be so caught up in this big, loud, scary thing that you don’t even see how what you’re doing in your own hurt is hurting someone else. and how now, when i th…

November Update

There's less than a month till I pull the curtains on this chapter of my life, it's very exhilarating yet terrifying at the same time, The constant "what comes next?", "where will I be?", "what will I be doing?". 
It's less than two months till the year is over and I guess it's important to think: When you look back onto your life, what do you see? Do the days seem to blend together? Does it feel like there has been a constant change? Does your life seem to flash by just like that? It's true what they say y'know? That time really flies. And if we aren't careful, one day will turn into one year, and one year will become one decade. Live mindfully, treasure this moment.

Some gentle reminders:
Stay close to people who feel like sunlightEverything is temporary, there is nothing in the world that will not change, including youMake sure that the people around you reflect the value within youIt’s not your job to care about people who …