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Today (technically yesterday because I wrote this on the first day of the semester and saved the post instead of publishing it lmao) was the first day of my last semester before graduation, relatively uneventful but if I were to put things into perspective, it's the first day of my final semester and that's kinda big. Just 3 units and a final year project to go before the regalia. Feels good, really. 
2017 lessons:
Watch the magic that happens when you give someone enough space to be themselves. You are what you eat. Always double check, triple, if you have the time. Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too. You're your own person and not anyone else's. Don't make yourself a secondary character in your own story. Avocado goes really good with cream cheese on toasts.Buttered toasts go really good with honey. There is nothing a hot shower cannot solve temporarily.

Basically spent majority of my entire semester break overseas, came …