29 APRIL 17

Here's a very common scenario, you meet a guy/girl and the conversation was good, last time you guys hung out, it was even better. But oddly, there's just no contact from them in a week. And i know generally we tend to overthink about everything but the thing is they said they wanted a relationship and even asked about you guys living together in the future.
 The million dollar question is always, why?
I've had a couple instances where people came up to me with this scene and asked me for my personal opinion and if I had to be honest, sounds like they aren't interested; I mean they're SOMEWHAT interested but not interested enough, makes sense? Even I myself have spoken to people like that before. didn’t reply me on time, (or at all), and honestly they can try to justify it any type of way they want but at the end of the day they’re just not that into you.
So best advice I get give you is to do yourself a favor now and leave. don’t wait around for people. i’m telling you this as someone who has encountered this stuff first hand. learn from my mistakes, if you will.
Maybe sometimes things just end without an explanation and for that, you need to accept it and move on.