Thursday, December 1, 2016


Summer break is finally here meaning I've one more gruesome and tiring year to go till my regalia, so close I can smell it (not literally). Also, it is officially the first of december meaning the year is also coming to an end.

I see posts of social media saying how terrible 2016 has been, and I'm not sure if I can relate tbh, cause if anything it's been both good and bad, more good than bad, I hope it has been the same to all of you who's reading this too. My results will be coming out in exactly 2 weeks, pretty stoked for it I might add, gut feeling that I did pretty well in the exams + my internals has been pretty decent through the entire semester.

I've lost a bunch of "friends" over the semester, lmao tbh I wouldn't really call them friends come to think of it, but ay you win some, you lose some innit? Not that it is in any way a loss in this case.

Other than that, nothing much has been going on, so head over here to enjoy some food+travel posts with (from my pov and hopefully yours too) some aesthetically pleasing photos.

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