Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Heads up!

Just gonna do a real quick rant here:

You'd think being in university will allow you to escape all these really unnecessary high school drama but unfortunately some people turns out to be so immersed in their little world that it makes it very impossible to do so.

  1. I'd like apologize to those people who think I'm so influential and powerful that I'm able to incur such a dramatic change to a plan especially in such a short amount time, because I'm not, so first and foremost, very sorry to disappoint that I'm not the person you thought I was.
  2. Please use that very important organ protected by your skull located in your head known as a brain to think before you start speaking. If I was so influential, I wouldn't need to work just as hard as the rest of you all to get decent grades, I could just use my "apparent connections" to get myself a degree certificate and a 4.0 GPA; so once again, I urge you, use your brain.

    There's a reason why we had to fill in a risk assessment form, to assess and be informed of shit like this beforehand
    - Say we did go for the field trip and nothing happened, then we were lucky, but what if because we're that unlucky, another earthquake happens and students get injured, what would you be talking about then? It would be "oh, the university already knew regarding the earthquake beforehand but proceeded with the trip anyway, they brought it on themselves"
    - Furthermore, if another earthquake occurred while we were there, insurance company wouldn't cover our asses anyway, because their argument would be "you already knew beforehand" which is true; it's the same concept as you knew the area was flooded but you drove your car there anyway and it got busted and you're going up to the insurance company for compensation, do you think they'd compensate you? they'd tell you straight up: "sorry, you already knew beforehand, you brought this on yourself"
  3. If you wanna run your mouth, I suggest you do a fact check, the same exact way you do when you're writing a university essay by going to real sources with actual solid and complete proof, not half-assed ones, before you start spewing all that shit.
  4. Fake friends, man, this one though. I'm just going to leave this here, with a side note saying: I know who you are.
  5. When people tell you things, please do not leave out any information OR twist the words OR add in your own assumption. Because if you intend on doing the first three things, then jesus christ, don't even BOTHER relaying the damned information because you're messing it all up anyway.
  6. Again, use your goddamned brain.
  7. SHEEPS. People who follow on with the majority without having a mindset of their own, please do try and think for yourself.

Here are some great tips to help you out!
  • go to the source and ask what's really up
  • refer to #2 
  • reflect on yourself and think about the situation
  • again, refer to #2!!
  • if you're in a dilemma, trying getting all sides of the story before coming to a conclusion
  • if you don't know what to believe, maybe try getting some proofs and facts before coming to a decision

I don't actually care as much what people have to say but it really is annoying to see all these bullshit going around so I'd just like to use this space to clear things out. Adding on, I'm just as disappointed and frustrated regarding the cancellation as the rest of us but put into perspective with the safety of the people, I guess better safe than sorry? I don't know man, I guess shit happens and maybe y'all want someone to blame and that's aight but seriously, don't be so dumb.

Fact is:

  1. We never asked the university to stop or please please please cancel the trip.
  2. We didn't even speak to the Pro Vice Chancellor / Chancellor
  3. The only person we asked about this matter is a STAFF from the marketing department
  4. We NEVER mentioned about canceling the trip, only asked if it was safe for us to go on the trip ( I still have screenshots of this shit right here, mate)
  5. We weren't given two options by the PVC about how we should continue on or man I don't even know how badly the story got twisted loooool

The fact is we never asked for a cancellation nor did we complain or did we say "OH SHIT THERE'S A QUAKE WE SHOULDN'T GO ON, LEMME USE MY CONNECTIONS TO STOP THIS THING ENTIRELY!!!) It was a just "is it safe for us to go on with the trip?"

I know y'all wanna fulfill your inner adventurous geologists to be, because so do I, but a 6.0 mag earthquake hit the same area last year killing, if not mistaken, 18 people, 10 which were students, yeah you could argue that the locals live there and there's no problem but like you said they're "locals" from that area.

I'm sincerely sorry if this offended anyone because that was not my intention but then again I have no control over how people interpret (mis)information.
Also, I'd say more but people are going to believe what they WANT to believe anyway so y'know, it's all good.

So no more hard feelings about this shit because I'm good and I'm out, mate!

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