Thursday, May 12, 2016

So let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about the way you spend all of this time craving a warm body and a pair of arms that will hold you and not leave in the morning. Let’s talk about the way you fall in love with guy after guy but they never seem to be right and you start to wonder: "is it me? Am I the problem here?"

Let’s talk about the way you apologize before you speak, the way you can’t stand to take up space, the way you are so polite and considerate and how much it hurts when people don’t recognize how hard you are trying.

Let’s talk about hurting. Let’s talk about being 20 and not having a clue. Yeah, let’s talk about that, because sometimes it really presses on your chest and you start to wonder if you’ll ever find out your purpose here. Or maybe, even figure out what you'd like to do in the future and whatnot.

But, well okay, let’s talk about you, the way you never stop hoping. You fall in love with your arms wide open and your eyes half closed. You fall in love even though it’s scary, even though it drives you half mad. You are so brave. I just wanted to tell you that I have never met anyone so brave as you.

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