March snippets + Early April update:

Aside from the amount of due dates I'm trying to rush, plus, the midterms that are coming up, April has been gentle, and I hope it is for you too.

Meet Scooby and Lance, less than a few months old and left to fend for themselves, this was before we took them in and scrubbed them down and gave them new homes.

As mentioned before, I went overseas for fieldwork that was required in order to pass my unit, the entire week has been about very little sleep and a hell lot of sun. 

While most people were relaxing during the first tuition free week of the semester, the class of 2017 Applied Geology geologists to be, were out in Labuan, doing our traversing with the sun in our eyes and sketching outcrops knees deep in water with the waves crashing against our backs. 

There's always the joke going around saying that Geology is for the failures of engineering, that we are not "real science" and that Geology is the "easy way out". Whoever said Geology was an easy course clearly never had to go through what we went through. You'd think drawing, looking at rocks and just walking around and mapping is easy until you experience it for yourself. 

From people slipping on algae-covered rocks, to trekking 20 minutes in and out barefooted and also getting stung by a bee; it's safe to say that throughout the entire trip, (and I think I can speak for most), that our number one priority at all cost was to: NOT get our notebooks wet. Every single one of us have probably lost about half the amount of stationery we brought there in the first place. 

Here's to all of us roughing and toughing it out despite the conditions. Complaints aside, it has been real Labuan, so bring it on, Kundasang!