Mid March reminder + update:

Never ever let anyone push you around. 

Do not let people who put up innocent, naïve, goody-two-shoes façade push you around. Those who pretend they're one thing in front of you, and another behind your back. Especially not these disgusting, pathetic filth. 

It is a very general rule in life when it comes to loving yourself.

In my almost 20 years of life, I have had my fair share of first-hand experiences with these type of people that I am able to spot one out (and get it right 9/10 times) from a mile away. They are cruel, manipulative and downright pieces of shit. 

I find it very ridiculous and hilarious of the fact that I am already in university and there are still people who insist on starting high-school grade drama, and even take the time and effort to do so. And when confronted, they just push the blame to someone else instead, classic. I guess it's true when they say:
"high school never ends"
Also, aside from not letting people push you around, do not let people like these push your friends around either. I know for the most part, that many people would rather stay out of drama and not get their hands dirty, but you'd never know how much a tiny gesture such as standing up for someone relevant in your life would mean to them, as the quote goes:
"everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to get their hands dirty"

People who manipulate and use your emotions against others or yourself are not people you need in your life. People like these, you need not forgive them, nor should you ask for an apology, because it doesn't matter to them, they'd still be a shit of a human being. They'd still be the same shitty and sucky person, so just don't bother wasting your effort or energy.

If 2015 wasn't good for you and 2016 has not been going well, the one thing you should start doing is dismiss people who do not:
  1. help you be a better person
  2. want you to be a better person
  3. make you want to be a better person
After this, I promise things will be a little if not a whole lot better.


I am drowning in due dates but university in general aside from unnecessary petty drama has been going pretty well. Also, I'll be heading overseas to do fieldwork and mapping and even though it's gonna be hot and sweaty, I am actually pretty excited for it all!

On the other hand, look at your wrists, see the blueish veins? The blood flowing through them contains hemoglobin, a protein that has four iron atoms incorporated into its structure. Iron is only naturally produced in one place, it can only be forged in the core of dying stars. 

Every time you look at your veins, remember that you are built from, and kept alive by, pieces of stardust, a star did not die just so you can waste your life away.