I'm all about heartless girls the kind who define themselves by how much they can live through.

Girls who walk around holey, girls who scare everyone with their emptiness.
Girls who are fragile but almost immortal, self destructive and never destroyed.
Girls with mean eyes and soft lips and more magic than they know how to handle.
Girls who are sometimes cruel, ruthless, parasitic but always hungry.
Girls who wonder if they see beauty in this breaking because it's really there or just because seeing anything else would hurt too much.
Girls who can't grow up now, won't - don't call them women they will never be yours to hold or will hold anything for you, they just can't be that kind of nurturing anymore.
Girls who hardened their heart and still came out bloody.
Girls who love their softness with vicious hands.
Girls who aren't afraid to bleed.
Girls who are somewhere between cockroach and phoenix.
Girls who weather every storm.
Girls who take, take, take and take back what you tore out.
Girls who know nothing but how to survive.