February snippets & update:

Second year of university starts in less than a week and I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that. Fact is I will be graduating in less than 2 years and that feels really good but also, fact is I will be leaving my comfort zone of school and studying and be thrown out into the adult working world and it is a little, if not a whole lot, terrifying. Nevertheless, I'm still very excited to start the new semester.

Onto other things, February in general has been pretty decent. The main point of the entire month was Chinese New Year, lots of house visiting and mandarin exchanging (my entire fruit department of my fridge is filled with mandarins, for real). Valentine's is pretty much non-existent for me, it's honestly more happening for my little beagle, he got flowers and a balloon from his best poodle friend, yeap.

Here's a little snippet of February:

Some Casanova romance business going on here with Bean
Strays which were picked up and rehomed
Succulent silhouettes?
This photo was literally taken less than a minute after getting them, just goes to show how bad the heat was on that particular day
4th day of CNY!
Obligatory first day of CNY family photo
Mandarin shopping

Bean's happy place