Let's start off with the resolutions:
1. Love a little less harder | this is going to be on the top of my list until I get it right.
2. Think before you speak | words are a few of the things that cannot be retracted once let out.
3. Be kind(er) | it is easy to forget that everyone is fighting their own tough battles when you're having a bad day, so always try to remember to be kind.
4. Get enough sleep | long shot but worth a try ahaha.

I hope 2015 treated everyone well and that 2016 will treat you all better.

If 2015 hasn't been your year, and everything feels like it's falling apart, just hang in there okay! I promise there's light at the end of that shitty tunnel, all you need to do is hang on.

I hope 2016
i.  Graces you with genuine happiness and lots of experience
ii. Brings you memories you can cherish for years to come which are made with people you'll never forget
iii.  Outweighs all the bad with even more good.

Make it good and make it count.