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January snippets & update:

So January is almost coming to an end,  and I think it's a little bit scary because there's only 11 months left in 2016 and if you put everything into perspective, 11 months really isn't a lot of time, be all has been okay lately, and I hope it has been so for you all as well.
whatever it is, whatever hard edges there are, i hope it gets softer. i hope you can find it within yourself to forgive the mistakes you’ve made. i hope your days feel like they did when you were younger. when it was easier to wake up in the mornings. when you didn’t know what grief was yet. when the birds reminded you of miracle.  there’s someone out there in the world who is rooting you on. you’re gonna do incredible things. no matter the failures. no matter the darkness. there will always be light. always.


1. There has been countless of times where the situation is like:"I gave him my heart but he doesn't want it."I think the thing here is that everyone needs to understand that people aren’t obliged to want it. You giving it and him not wanting it are two different actions with two different reasons. He’s allowed to say no, he’s allowed to not want you and yes it hurts, I’m sorry for that, but he has the right.Sometimes you think you’re giving a person the entire world but you’re not, sometimes your world is not their world. It's called incompatibility. It doesn't make them a bad person for not accepting what you put out for them. Some things you can't force no matter how much you try. You could give and give and give all of what you have and truth to be told, at the end of the day, he could still not want you and it still wouldn't make him a bad person. Maybe it is his loss for not being able to cherish something so wonderful but like I've mentioned be…

Gentle reminder:

If the year hasn't started off well for you,  please bear in mind that you'll get through whatever you're going through and you'll move mountains if that's what it takes. Sending you all lots of love and warmth.
There isn’t much else to say. I’m having a pretty nice summer and I hope you are too. I feel pretty good about the planet, the country (kinda,  not really) and my immediate surroundings, even though a lot of things are a huge mess all over the world. It may be selfish, or naive or even calloused to feel pretty good ever about anything when anyone anywhere is having a bad time and there sure are a lot of anyones everywhere having a bad time. But then again if you’re upset all the time because something bad is happening every second, then Jesus. I mean… for christ’s sake, take it easy.I hope all of you are having a good summer. I hope you’re all relatively okay or better. I hope that nobody shoots anybody today. What are the odds of that? Low. But I hope it.
"I hope you’re doing things for yourself,“ he said eventually, “other people won’t remember your choices thirty years in the future. 

“You’re the one who has to live with them."

1. "I am a nice guy"

Self-proclaimed ‘nice guys’ are the worst. They are selfish liars from start to finish. When men go around claiming that they’re a 'nice guy’ or a 'bad boy’, it says very little about their true character. The only thing it tells you is how they wish to be perceived. A genuinely nice guy does not need to declare his niceness or how big his heart is on a billboard. Truly nice people are not boastful of their kindness. 'Nice guys’ are always trying to convince you how nice they are. They’ll try to show you how much better off you’d be with them rather than that 'jerk’ you’ve got your eyes on. They’ll do nice things for you, go out of their way for you, make you feel good and then think that you owe it to them. That just because they’ve been nice to you, they deserve to touch you, be with you, have you. And when 'nice guys’ get rejected or their love is unrequited, they will see it as a punishment for being 'nice’. They’ll whine and play the victim when they don’…


Let's start off with the resolutions:
1. Love a little less harder | this is going to be on the top of my list until I get it right.
2. Think before you speak | words are a few of the things that cannot be retracted once let out.
3. Be kind(er) | it is easy to forget that everyone is fighting their own tough battles when you're having a bad day, so always try to remember to be kind.
4. Get enough sleep | long shot but worth a try ahaha. I hope 2015 treated everyone well and that 2016 will treat you all better. If 2015 hasn't been your year, and everything feels like it's falling apart, just hang in there okay! I promise there's light at the end of that shitty tunnel, all you need to do is hang on. I hope 2016
i.  Graces you with genuine happiness and lots of experience
ii. Brings you memories you can cherish for years to come which are made with people you'll never forget
iii.  Outweighs all the bad with even more good. Make it good and make it count.