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2015 Update:

So it's officially a week into December as I'm sitting here writing this.
On 26th January, I wrote down my half-assed New Year's resolution and they included; Be kinder.Do NOT be sorry for your soft and vulnerable.Love (a little less) harder (perhaps?)Blow everyone out of the water in university.Focus.(Try very very hard to) embrace changeI guess it all went well, kind of? 
Studying human evolution has made me realize that there are two things which are infinite. the universehuman stupidityand it all honesty, I'm not entirely sure about 1. There has been so much controversy going on in social medias of what is and isn't accepted and lemme tell you this, screw that. It is okay to gasp at the sunset every single evening like it is the first sunset you have ever seen. It is okay to take photos of everything you find pretty. It is okay to laugh about something that happened a week ago (it is okay to laugh entirely too much). It is okay to say that the sunlight looks like h…
She is not beautiful.
No, she is a riot of emotions, tumbling forth from the darkest clouds like a thousand heavy raindrops, ready to drown you in an instant, should you step too close.
She is the sun shining on your face that makes you believe in fairy tales although you swore you outgrew them in fifth grade and that they were stupid.
She is the wind, too stubborn to let you pass in a blizzard, too proud to let you win. And yet like the cool summer breeze she will calm your mind, extinguishing in the process the very fire she burned you with.
She is strong like diamond, formed in the extremest of conditions, yet she is also weak like crystal, easily broken and hard to mend.
Her sobs will break your heart and her laughter will heal it again, and you’ll wonder how someone so happy can be so sad at the same time.
Her words will be crafted so eloquently you’ll wonder where she learnt to speak like this and to disguise her emotions so well. And you will search, under the many layers of contradi…