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I think in order to be happy you have to experience things; exciting things; dull things; emotions at both extremes of positive and negative.  I think on some days you need to drink five cups of coffee and feel your heart all but explode in your chest, and on others you need to stay in bed, staring at the ceiling and humming songs that you can’t remember the names of. 
You have to climb a mountain so high that your ears ring, that every breath is a gasp for fresh air.  You have to swim so deep that you feel the weight of water crushing your lungs. And through it all you’ll learn to cherish oxygen like you never did before. 
The key to happiness is appreciating the small things and not comparing yourself to others. The more you experience, the more you’ll realise how important it is to keep the tiny victories close to your heart, and the big wins in perspective. Experience will teach you invaluable lessons, especially when it pushes you to your limits. Don’t envy others; live your own…
I think we just missed each other,“ she said. “You fell in love with me too late. I loved you prematurely. “And don’t you think it’s a terrible joke that the universe is playing? Do you suppose we can reverse the clocks? “I’ll walk a little slower this time,” she said, “I’ll give you a chance to catch up. ”

"I still love you but I also recognize that you aren’t worth my time anymore."