Wednesday, August 5, 2015

There isn’t anything quite like being ignored by someone you have feelings for.

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  1. The moment I see you I have to resist the urge, squash the need to reach for, to touch you. To pull you close and whisper of how badly I miss you, still adore you, am completely in love with you, still. It hasn’t diminished one bit, hasn’t ever diminished one little bit….
    Another summer is pretty much over. Just a few short weeks left, and I know you won’t come. On the rare occasion you say “well maybe I…” I know you won’t. I know you won’t, and you know you won’t, yet you say it anyway, well maybe…and I know you won’t, yet still find myself disappointed that you didn’t. Something deep down still holds some little spark, it is cruel.
    Once you believe and proclaim to someone, they are the only reason you live, how can you ever move on from that ? It is not a statement you make without understanding the seriousness of each word. Not words to ever cross your lips if you don’t comprehend and believe….Maybe words you should never let cross even your own thoughts.
    They tell you no, and you lose the love of your life, lose the lover of your life, lose your best friend and confidant. How can anything in this world ever be right again ? It is not possible to just tell yourself, well I guess I was wrong,… you know you aren’t. Anything less than what was can never be enough, it will never sit well. You will never really be ok, on the whole, no matter the façade you portray. It will always pale in the shadow of that truth.
    Everything pales in the shadow of that truth. Everything.

    J. Bodine