One day, you'll fall in love with someone who steals your breath, you'll love them like they are the entire universe; like every beautiful thing that was ever made. You'll explore them like the perfect hills and valleys in the North or the tiny peaceful lakes in the East. And you'll love them with the kind of fire that burns brightest in the dark and they'll love you back.

Remember that love can surely exist between two people no matter how difficult the situation. So one day, they come home and say, "I'm not happy anymore." And you reply, "neither am I," but just because you can't stand in the same room as them without arguing, or sleep in the same bed without disagreeing on some small and insignificant thing, it doesn't mean you don't still love them.

Sometimes you love somebody but you aren't compatible. Sometimes logic has to prevail. Sometimes you have to put on a stern face and say to your heart, "stop being stupid, you know you have to leave." Then you leave, you clench your fists and you walk. Put one foot into the darkness, understand that there is never a concrete right or wrong. You stay until it hurts too much, then you go, you run and you don't let yourself look back.