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One day, you'll fall in love with someone who steals your breath, you'll love them like they are the entire universe; like every beautiful thing that was ever made. You'll explore them like the perfect hills and valleys in the North or the tiny peaceful lakes in the East. And you'll love them with the kind of fire that burns brightest in the dark and they'll love you back.

Remember that love can surely exist between two people no matter how difficult the situation. So one day, they come home and say, "I'm not happy anymore." And you reply, "neither am I," but just because you can't stand in the same room as them without arguing, or sleep in the same bed without disagreeing on some small and insignificant thing, it doesn't mean you don't still love them.

Sometimes you love somebody but you aren't compatible. Sometimes logic has to prevail. Sometimes you have to put on a stern face and say to your heart, "stop being stupid…

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I've always had people ask/tell me that their significant other hurt them (be it physical, emotional, psychological or whatever), and then they go about telling me that s/he didn't try to console them afterwards and then tries to make up excuses for them to me for not doing so, and you need to know, you need to know that if they love, you they would care that they hurt you.
Say it again.
Say it again.
Say it again. Say it again. Say it again. They would care that they hurt you.
In three years time, you're standing at the crossroads when you see her. She's got a brown leather bag hanging off one shoulder, and a pearly white ribbon around her neck. Her head bobs along to a song you cannot hear and you find yourself wondering what she sings in the shower these days - what she listens to before falling asleep. She used to joke that singing wasn't her forte, and that music wasn't her strength; but you loved her Sunday morning humming; her smile in your mouth, your fingers interlaced with hers.

She opens her eyes a little wider and then smiles and gives you a wave. There isn't much time for talking as you walk past each other and the green man begins to flash. You think her hair looks different, not the colour or the style, you remember she never dyed her hair, but the way it frames her face. She doesn't look so childlike when she says "hey" and offers you a grin.

And when she walks past, you can't help but turn back and watch…
I genuinely believe the first person you give your heart to is special.

They get your innocent vulnerability, before you've been hurt enough to feel bitter and before you learn to guard yourself from the world.

They see at your softest, most raw. You are, easy.

You fall simply, without a single care. You love like it is the only thing worth doing and you hope like nothing is impossible.

So the first time someone really breaks your heart - it is going to hit you like a tidal wave and knock the breath out of you. If you don't feel like you're dying, it probably isn't love.

You'll fall for someone again. It just won't be the same. But you know, that's just life: two things never happen the same way. It doesn't mean it won't be just as good.
Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you”. They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s something about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you.
(i’ve noticed that some men do this real shitty thing where when they do something unforgivable in a relationship they somehow manage to blame you for it so you’re crying and asking them to stay and just fyi, if this happens too often in a relationship that you’re in, it’s toxic and you should get out of there fast.)
Someone will tell you that she's seeing someone someday and that she's happy and your hands will stop working. You'll have to work hard to hold onto whatever you're holding. I hope it's not glass, I hope it's not breakable. Suddenly, you'll remember everything that you ever loved about her. Everything that ever moved you to tears, made your insides feel like they were tying themselves into knots. That she way loyal, that she was open for you, that she smiled against your mouth when you kissed. That it felt easy, like God had put the two of you together deliberately, like it had been the plan all along.
But for whatever reason, you let her go and you thought that it was the right thing and for a little while, it felt like you knew exactly what you were doing. Except now, all the part of you that touched her knows that you're never going to be able to touch her again and that hurts. Even your fingers are sad, even your stomach is aching from the loss of …
I know it’s unfashionable, but I think there’s something worthwhile in asking someone to stay. In laying down your pride and saying, “you know what? my ego doesn’t matter anymore, because I’d rather lose an argument than lose you.” There is something in saying “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you close and I won’t let go.”
If you love somebody so much that you’re willing to devote hours of your life every day to talk to them, to thinking about the things that they said, buying cute presents or making them food, or listening to entire albums that you know they love, is it really so difficult to swallow your pride and say “no, I can’t watch you leave. Stay. I want you to stay.” Is it really so impossible to cast aside your stubbornness; your, “leave if you want to, I won’t stand in your way” and replace it with honesty? Because if the truth is you want to beg, you want to cry, you want to say “goddamnit I have never ever felt this way about another person and I know if you leave you’ll…