On moving on:

Tough. Uneasy. Difficult. 

How exactly do you "move on" from something that was such a big part of your life? In all honesty, I don't think you ever do. You just adjust to the change better, y'know? You don't just completely forget about it, there will still be times you start quivering from how it came out of nowhere

I think the hardest part is leaving the familiarity of the entire thing, how safe it was, a routine you knew. 
How do you stop talking to someone whom you have been for so long? 
How do cope with not having that one person whom you've shared such intimate moments with?
How do you accept the fact that they are no longer ours, nor are you theirs?
Next would be abandoning the hopes of everything that could've, would've and should've been. The dreams of the bright future you two were going to build together. It is gonna hurt, for some time. You will cry, until you're numb. That's okay. It really is, it's all part of the process. As cliche as it sounds, time heals all things. I know you think that this is bullshit, but with time, you will find out how true it really is. 

And one day, you just decide "no, I'm not going to stop my life for you anymore." You wake up a little happier, laugh a little louder and smile a little brighter. You don't check up on them as much anymore, sometimes they don't even cross your mind for the entire day. Maybe, if life would stop being such a cunt, you'd even meet someone new, better perhaps? Who knows, and when you're given that chance, take it. I know it is going to be terrifying, what if they walk out on you right? Be afraid, but take that chance anyway. If it makes you happy, even if it is fleeting, just do it.

If you're going through hell, keep going. The bad thing is that nothing lasts forever, but the good thing is also that nothing lasts forever. 

Be kind to yourself.