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every so often I meet someone and it feels like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff. it would be so easy to lean forward and crash into love with them. without knowing them well, you can already envision them laughing across from you at the breakfast table. 

I feel like I’ve “almost-loved” a lot of people in my life. maybe loved them in another life, another world.
On a quiet morning whilst you napped on a chair and I looked out of the window and wrote a poem, you made a cute snuffly sound that made me turn to look at you. And there you were, looking warm and red-cheeked. Like how you always looked in the mornings, the same kind of soft that made my hands itch with wanting to touch you. Your eyelashes were fluttering against your face and I remembered how they always felt like baby moth wings when you kissed me. As I looked at you, the sun reached through the window to touch your hair. You stretched and shifted and you were glowing. And I thought:  “I would do anything for him”
“Damn, this kind of love is terrifying.”
And  “how will I ever recover from this?”
"Loving someone who cannot love you the same way in return is not weakness. It’s one of the most courageous things you’ll ever do. You are putting your armour at their feet and you are saying ‘I will not fight you in this. I have loved you and that means that I have already won.’”

2015 update:

It has been a while since I've posted anything personal and that is because I wanted to take time off and detoxify myself of people I do not need nor want in my life and also, get my shit together.
So, university has started for a little over a month now, and it has been going pretty good so far, minus the couple of bumps along the way. I've made new and amazing people (which I really wouldn't mind keeping around), I've missed my old friends badly (seeing them real soon though!).
But the important thing that I want to talk about today is the fact that, over the first four and a half months of 2015, I have grown a lot. Of course, the kid and rebellion in me has not (and will never) died, but I am just not as naive as I used to be. It's funny how relevant all these shittily edited quotes are when life decides to punch you in the face and suck all the air out of your lungs just when you thought things were starting to perk up. (Especially since I used to laugh at the…