Sweetheart, sweetheart.
Your cheeks looked like freshly picked apples in the light despite how sun kissed you skin was, I wanted to sink my teeth into them, actually I just wanted to kiss you ever so softly. On Monday morning I felt the words rising in my throat like bile only I was stupid enough to look at you and I swear that I forgot what day it was because you were so damned beautiful standing in the light falling from the open kitchen windows that God himself couldn’t have forced the sentiment from my mouth. And that’s how it went, I tried and I lost it, there was always something to derail me and I could never explain to you how even the spread of almost invisible freckles across your nose turned my stomach so heavily that I couldn’t remember what languages I’d learned.
Sometimes I whispered them to you in a foreign language at night whilst you were lying across my stomach, over and over again like the lyrics from a favourite song and you’d ask me in your sleepy voice what I meant and all I could say was ‘I’m asking if you’ll make me a sandwich.’ You’d pinch my stomach and roll your eyes until your lashes fluttered against my skin and curse in frustration. Sometimes you kissed me so hard I wondered if you were trying to lick the words out of my mouth.
I tried to tell you in other ways, quietly and gently, I bought your favourite blend of chocolate milk and didn’t let anyone drink it because when your stomach hurt you’d put your head on my shoulder and cradle the cup in your hands. I learned your favourite song on guitar and it took me three whole weeks to pluck up the courage to show you but I peeked under my lashes when I was playing and your smile, boy, it looked like rain on desert and it was worth the sore nails. You asked me to play on Saturday night, and I did and also let you eat the last slice of cake. You must have known then, when I shook for you at night and held your hands until my nails were tattoos on your skin, when I sat through hours of Lord of the Rings for you and enjoyed it, that even though you hadn’t heard me say it yet, I was still telling you in a thousand different ways, I was still telling you.