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One day, someone's gonna want to die in you.

Sweetheart, sweetheart. Your cheeks looked like freshly picked apples in the light despite how sun kissed you skin was, I wanted to sink my teeth into them, actually I just wanted to kiss you ever so softly. On Monday morning I felt the words rising in my throat like bile only I was stupid enough to look at you and I swear that I forgot what day it was because you were so damned beautiful standing in the light falling from the open kitchen windows that God himself couldn’t have forced the sentiment from my mouth. And that’s how it went, I tried and I lost it, there was always something to derail me and I could never explain to you how even the spread of almost invisible freckles across your nose turned my stomach so heavily that I couldn’t remember what languages I’d learned. Sometimes I whispered them to you in a foreign language at night whilst you were lying across my stomach, over and over again like the lyrics from a favourite song and you’d ask me in your sleepy voice what I m…

He sleeps in my soul.

You like him? Good. That’s great. What’s there to be scared about? Getting hurt? You’re always going to damn well get hurt that’s what living is. Healing and falling in love and falling out of love and hurting and doing it all over again because what else are you going to do? Cover yourself in bubble wrap and hope nobody touches you? You like him. Leap into it. Be courageous about it. And if it’s painful after that’s alright because you’ll mend. That’s what hearts do.