When real love surprises you, you will be stuck in traffic, laughing at your predicament. It’ll take you half an hour to move two blocks, but neither of you would rather be anywhere else.

When real love hits, you will be riding shotgun. By this point, you’ll have taken off your heels because the ache is no longer worth it, and he will tell you that you look beautiful.

When real love washes over you, he will tease you for stealing his ice cream but will give you some anyway. And though you’ve had trouble sharing ever since the second grade, you’ll share too.

When real love showers around, your heart will notice things your eyes had never seen: the warmth of his touch, the strength of his grasp, the beauty of his blue eyes. You’d never seen eyes so blue.  

Four months later, you’ll be able to remember the pure scent of the night air. You’ll feel the distance separating you from him, and you’ll long to bridge it. These months later, you’ll still be writing poetry about that first night.

When real love hits, you’ll know.