On killings and equality

what bothers me immensely is that it just seems to matter less. people aren’t as open or as furious when talking about it. when little brown boys and little brown girls are being shot in a place where they’re supposed to be safe and protected you should be fucking outraged, you should be heartbroken. these little babies went to school today and they expected to see their mama’s again and they’re not going to be able to do that and if that’s not intensely heartbreaking and worth being angry about, i don’t know what is.

I do not know how many murderous atrocities against innocent Muslim children it will take for the world to understand that the taliban does not stand for Muslims, that their agenda does not protect Muslims.

They are killing them. They are killing them. They are killing them and the world is trying to categorize the murdered and the mourning with the same people that are trying their hardest to wipe them out.

How many Muslim children have to be lined up and executed by the Taliban before the world recognizes that the oppressed do not deserve to be categorized with their oppressors? There is a hugely definitive dividing line between extremists and Muslims. Boundaries between what is Islam and what is Taliban have been drawn over and over again and it is not the fault of those that are suffering that you yourself do not know these boundaries. Islam has never been in tune with deobandi talibani extremism and just because you are not aware of these divisions does not mean they do not exist.

No hate on ANY OTHER RELIGIONS but it annoys the fuck out of me that every time a Muslim extremist kills/takes hostages, the entire Muslim community has to come forward and reaffirm that they don’t support this kind of violence. You’d think it would be obvious that the extremism of a few doesn’t reflect the beliefs of a million. I don’t know why some/a big part of non-Muslim people need that reminder. When the KKK fucks shit up, Christians don’t have to issue press releases reminding everyone they’re not all racist douchebags (because not all of them are and we know that so why can't it apply for other religions as well?)