On the edge of 2014 and jumping into 2015 (Pt.1)

I'd like to dedicate this post to the good times of 2014 and making it a giant throwback (despite it not being Thursday)

[Abana Reef]

[Banana boat riding after a good dive session]

[Celebrating my 18th with beloved grandparents']

[Good food with good company]

[First wreck dive]

 [Adriana's 18th]

[I just really like this photo]

[Last day of college]

These are little clippings from my 2014 which has been relatively good to me, of course there are many more but let's leave that for further posts.

Late night barefoot walking. Fingertips kisses. Finishing A Levels. Good food. Good music. Good company. New friends. Sunkissed skin. Swimming for 6 hours straight. Poolside burgers and spaghetti. Turning 18. Last Hobbit movie. Oliver. First time driving an Austin Mini. Smiley kisses. Half asleep in Chemistry class. A.