Look here, how dare you have the audacity to just waltz into my life and make me love you at my knees. For crying out loud, you came at me faster than the speed of light and the impact was harder than being hit by a ten tons truck.

I have loved you for
756864000 seconds or
12624400 minutes or
201240 hours or
8760 days or
24 months or
2 years
And I am still loving you.

But this isn't a measure of time. A relationship isn't a measure of time, it's one of those things where quality beats quantity. There's a saying that goes "you can be in a relationship with a person for two years and feel nothing, and two months and feel everything" and that's half true, because the time we hit our second month, I thought I have already felt everything that there is to be felt but who knew I was dead wrong and now we're into our two years and I'm very much certain there's still much more to be felt, learned, experienced.

I love him and his hands that feels like roses but holds me firm and keeps me safe, his thunderstorm smile and his broad shoulders and how he get so frustrated when he isn't able to fix what's wrong. He has sonnets in his eyes and proses on his clavicles.

He is the human epitome of stardust.
He is my bitter and sweet and everything in between.
He is diamond. He is raincloud and thunderstorm and forest fires.
He is the Northern Star in my skies.