If I’m a train wreck you’re the
carriage that caused it. We were
carousing around a track
and we knew love’s ups and downs;
didn’t listen. I was in
awe when it was level, but
you balked, backed up too suddenly
and we went sliding back down
the slope we crawled up. I screamed
but now when you lunge forward
and down, down again the voice
disappears and dies in my
throat like when I try to tell
you I love you over the
phone. We are all the clichés
and none; this is a ride that
goes back and forth in halting
moments. I make to leave but
I am strapped into you with
this binding barricade meant
to protect and to ensnare.
Love is a rollercoaster
ride, I have come out bruised, broken
and in pieces but alive,
like I have never been before