All the shit that's going on in the world right now.

Trust me when I tell you news and media people are the worst people. They cover our eyes and brainwash our minds.
For all the times I've watched the news,  never have I once heard anything about thousands of innocent children being killed off in Gaza because apparently they are "terrorists".

There are protests and riots going on ALL over the world,  you're telling me that we're not trying to make a difference? I've had my timeline and my newsfeed flooded with gruesome and gory pictures of headless kids,  kids with a gun at point blank range aimed at them,  kids with no arms, no legs,  no family.  We are trying, but the ones in charge,  they're paying no mind to this,  none whatsoever.  Tell me, who do you really think is the terrorist here?

You want to go on tell me about how racism doesn't exist as well?  What's with the Ferguson protest then?  And it is just ridiculous and absolutely hilarious how wrong people can be and yet they still try to defend themselves and the worst part is,  there are people defending them for being wrong as well.

What?  So just because I'm not white with an accent with English as my first language,  I am a class below you? Is that honestly still how it's being played out? And Obama,  what the fuck is he doing?  For fuck's sake,  you'd think as the first African American president of the united states,  as the world's most powerful man alive,  he would at least have some sort of say in this?  But all he's doing is going "THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN. THAT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN." Well if did happen,  so what happens now?

We're supposed to be moving forward as a member of humanity together, not fucking letting history repeat itself.