It terrifies you,  doesn't it?

It scares the living shit out of you to love someone like her.  Most days her voice is louder. She'll say "no" once and mean it.  If you don't listen,  she'll kick you out of bed and out of her life. 

Maybe she'll soften for you,  between the quiet hours where the sun is just barely touching the earth, she'll be all quiet breathing skin and open mouthed caresses.

Maybe once in a while she'll gentle herself into elastic and you'll press kisses onto her  skin without worrying about the burn

Stop living for those moments where she's quieter. They'll be rare. The thing is, she'll be on fire. You'll have to carry the ashes of your arguments back with you, you'll have to expect that she'll fight you and love you at the same time.

It'll feel like loving a hurricane. So maybe, maybe you're thinking that it'll be easier if you just left. Maybe you'll find a better one.

Know this: if she asks you to stay, she will do it once. If you slam the door shut behind you, she will shrug her shoulders, wrap herself in her own fight and wait for someone strong enough to love her.  If you come back, months later, empty handed, she'll kiss your forehead and shake her head and say "not today. "