in five minutes i’m going to wake up
and say ‘i love you’ to the sky. 
this is our time.
i want your feet on my hands and your 
head deep into a cloud.
i am dizzy with you.
pools of light come apart between us
all queer and laughter
all gay and uproar
all insane and growth.
i am all about your hands on me
and the wind on me
and the sun on my hands.
everything else can leave me alone.
my skin is quiet. 
i like it that way.
no panic, no fear, no violent force to rip
me out of our dream.
this is reclamation
of love
of language 
of a space to exist in
without blood in our mouths.
i call you you.
you call me me.
we fuck up everything spectacularly 
and make new bodies from the mess.
nothing more beautiful than this
ever fell from anywhere.
we exist.
we barely exist.
we exist loudly in our softness,
wind slapping palm leaves 
against dying firework sounds,
the sighing of the ocean
in the middle of the night.