lessons on how to be unselfish in love:

  • I will pick up your call at 4AM when I am hungover because you are sad and because I love you. 
  • I will ring you when you’re hurting. 
  • I will knock on your door when you’re hurting. 
  • I will bring crispy rolls and a carton of ice cream and honey whiskey. 
  • When I talk to people about you I will be as proud as my mother the day I was born. 
  • I will point and say “yes, that’s the one. Look at him. Isn’t he the damned best thing.”
  • When you’re wrong I’m going to tell you so. 
  • I’ll love you even after we fight. 
  • I’ll love you even when you stop talking to me. 
  • I’ll love you after the fifth break up and the twentieth time you’ve taken food from my plate. 
  • There’s chocolate cake in the fridge and even though I really want it it’s yours. 
  • Yes, I’ll drive three hours to see you for one. 
  • Yes, I’ll kiss the spot on your stomach that tickles the most. 
  • You’ll find notes tucked every place you look. 
  • Sometimes I’ll fail and they’ll say mean things like ‘sod off, you wanker’ but most of the time, probably, they’ll say ‘hey I’m waiting for you to come back and kiss me.’ 

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