I remember there was one time in class where we had to read the surrealist manifesto and my professor asked us what’s more bizarre, reality or our perception of reality or our dreams and we could all tell whatever we said would be the wrong answer.

then he looked at rebecca and said ‘rebecca, you are going to die at 3pm on tuesday’ and her face turned bright red and she looked at me and i looked at him and he said ‘what if you were going to die at 3pm on tuesday. you might. i dont know.’ and she said ‘you’re making me uncomfortable’ and he said ‘would you be sitting here right now if you knew you were going to die in four days’ and she said ‘no.’ he said ‘then why are you here.’ and she looked at me and i shrugged and he said ‘get out. if you would rather be anywhere else than right here at this very moment, you need to leave. you’re wasting your life because you subconsciously assume you will be alive infinitely. you’re delusional. stop wasting your life.’ and she wouldnt get up and he wanted her to get up so badly but no one is brave, not one of us, and he said ‘what’s your limit. how much time would you have to have to stay in this room and be okay with it.’ she said ‘three years.’ he said ‘okay, you’re gonna die in three years. do you still want to be here?’ and she said ‘no.’ and he said ‘then what’s your limit? how much time do you need to stay delusional?’ and she said ‘i dont want to be here at all.’

then he asked joseph what reality is and joseph said ‘nothing,’ joseph said ‘bruce, i can give you a strip of paper this big that would shatter your brain forever. i can give you drugs that would make you claw your skin off.’ and bruce said ‘go kiss the whiteboard’ and joseph said ‘what?’ and he said ‘kiss the whiteboard. a long, slow kiss.’ and joseph stood up and went over to the whiteboard and kissed the board with tongue, and said ‘did you like that bruce?’ and bruce said ‘i did. i liked it a lot.’ and then he said ‘we all saw that right?’ and we all nodded and he said ‘nobody’s dreaming right?” and nobody nodded and we looked at each other as if we all wanted to dig our fingernails into each other’s hands just to make sure and bruce said ‘stop fucking around. do cool shit. make art. stop wasting your life. oh my God.’ and class was over. 

kevin smirked and said ‘ha, we didnt learn anything today’ and everybody sort of looked at him like ‘how could you be so goddamn dense’