This is what I know:

  • A tree is still a tree even if it is burning.
  • God might not be real but also he might be, so, there’s that.
  • Faith cannot be a person.
  • Faith is often a person.
  • Everyone I’ve ever kissed has been a mistake, and I am okay with that.
  • My love is going to be a fist unclenching; honey being poured over a sharpened spear so that they can taste me in the wound.
  • Gravel makes my skin look like a pathway. 
  • When I fall, I pretend I’m coming home.
  • Bees are necessary.
  • I meant for this to be something more poetic, but it’s just a list of facts.
  • It is possible to love someone without losing yourself.
  • The ocean is still largely unexplored.
  • There is no way of proving that life doesn’t exist on other planets and in other universes.
  • Hawaii is the only state in America that has its own language.
  • How beautiful it is, to belong to something
  • and still be your own. 

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