"When I was 15 I was statutory raped. I've been coming to terms w/ this lately bc of my approaching 18th bday (today incidentally). I'm confused as to whether or not it was really rape. I mean I stayed with him for a yr & 1/2. Our relationship however was very emotionally manipulative & emotionally abusive. Perhaps I was to blame for some of it because I was 15, afraid & unstable. But he definitely mistreated me & pressured me a lot. I don't know what to do now or how to cope. It's scary & sad."

Baby, it’s okay. You’ve got to forgive yourself for this. When someone is mistreated and abused, the blame is always on the other person. Yes, you were young and niave, but the fault was with the man who took advantage of that, raped you, and manipulated you. You should not have had to have lost that innocence in that way, to have it ripped from you by a man you tried to love. Even if you were interested in being with him and having sex, he – the adult – had the responsibility to say no. You were a child – children make mistakes. But he, as a man, is supposed to be a guiding light, not a wrecking ball, and I am sorry for the damage that he did.