Saving grace

This is for the girls who wear bare skin and make up as armour; 
who wear restrained dreams like a noose, like an amulet. 

(and there are stories like rainstorms, there are oil paint bruises from the summer underneath my skin, so here is the zipper, and pull ) 

this is for people who shoot up the last few years to feel anything at all. 
but this is also for the people who inhale hope like secondhand smoke and spend their nights with their animal heads tossed to the sky, howling. 

(it’s not because we don’t have anything else to do.)

this is for the girls who with apply nail polish drunk 

(I’d be more beautiful, yes), 

this is for the girls going away 

(and to all the things you are leaving behind.) 

this is for the boys with faraway lovers (you’ve been to hell and back) , this is for the boys for run away to cities in search of a soul (you’ll soon learn you can’t run away from yourself, trust me

i’ve tried). 

this is for the people who are scared of what’s ahead, this is for the people who are -

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