hello there, beautiful.

  • you are beautiful: whether you choose to believe it or not, it is your choice. if you think that you’re ugly, you will feel ugly, when the truth is, you’re not. don’t let anyone tell your otherwise.
  • you are not ugly: other peoples opinions on how you look, the way that you dress, etc should have no affect on you. you’re not ugly. you are unique and you are beautiful and handsome in your own way. don’t let the opinions of those who don’t matter to you personally, make you feel horrible about yourself.
  • Don’t self harm, you are lovely person. You have a heart, you care about other people. You know, we all push people away, especially when we need them the most. I know, I get it, I have been there. But that’s life and if they really cared as much about you as they said, then they would stay by your side no matter what. What will self harming solve? It will only cause you more physical pain. I get it, I get how self harming can release some sort of adrenaline rush and I get that after cutting for so long you can’t just stop, but please at least try. Please, just try. I get that cutting can release everything that you have inside you, it can release all the pain that you have been holding inside for so long. But you don’t need to go through anymore than you already have. You have to remember something here, there are people out there who are willing to help you, who will talk to you, who will guide you through this. You’re not alone out here. You need to look at yourself here, and think about how beautiful you are, I know, it’s hard to believe, but you are an amazing person, and it doesn’t matter that I haven’t seen you before nor met you, that’s just who you are. You are perfect, just the way you are, and if you hurt yourself, imagine the things it would leave on your body. If you cut, the scars that it would leave, and it might never go away and you’ll have to look at them and maybe one day, you might end up regretting it, doing such a thing. Hurting yourself won’t solve anything, it really won’t. It will only cause you more pain. And you don’t need that, no one needs that. You can’t do that to yourself, you shouldn’t have to do that to yourself. Whatever you want to do to yourself, don’t do it. You’re only hurting yourself more, and I can tell that you’re hurting enough as it is.
  • Committing suicide will not solve anything. You may think it will, you might think that it is going to solve all the problems that you ever had. But it won’t. You’re hurting all these people around you, all these people that actually care about you. You deserve to be happy and I know that I don’t know you personally, I get that and I know that I may not know exactly what you are going through but what I do know is that you deserve to be alive. And stay alive. There are so many people out there who would kill to look like you, who would kill to be you. Who would do anything to be in your shoes just for a second. And no I am not going to compare your life to someone who lives in Africa. These people that I am talking about you, live near you. They have seen how beautiful or handsome you really look and they would do anything to look like you. To have what you have. Imagine if one morning, you woke up and one of your friends had passed away, and they wrote you a note, saying all of these things. Imagine how crushed you would feel, to lose someone who was so close to you. Someone you truly cared about even though you didn’t really show it. To all these people who never truly show that they care about someone, you better start showing people because you can actually save lives. It means a lot you know, to know that someone will actually always be there for you. To know that someone out there in this world can genuinely care about you. 
  • Find reasons to be alive and not reasons to die:Why? Because it’s not worth it. We all know that suicide is a long term solution to a temporary problem. The feeling of wanting to take your own life can’t last forever, not if you don’t let it. Overcome this feeling, stay strong.
  • Never doubt yourself: You are who you are and you happen to be someone amazing, you are beautiful and you are handsome. Don’t let other peoples opinions doubt the decision that you made nor doubt the beauty that you hold.
  • Don’t listen to those people who try to bring you down: Because they don’t matter, and they never will. Not if they are trying to bring you down. It just shows how pathetic that they really are. Who are these people who don’t even matter, who are they to bring you down? Who are they to make you feel bad about yourself? They don’t even matter to you in your life. So why should their opinion on you, matter in any way? You just need to see that it doesn’t matter and don’t ever let the past break you, never let what you went through turn you into a weaker person, because you’re strong. You really are.
  • Let it go, don’t hold back: Let yourself go, don’t blame all these things on yourself. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t second guess yourself. You can be happy and you can find happiness, but to do that, you must talk to someone about everything. Go see someone about it, tell your friends how you feel, start loving yourself instead of hating yourself, eat more, sleep more, don’t worry about what other people think about you, because they don’t matter. Stop hiding your feelings, people ask because they care and they ask because they want to help you get through this, in some cases, thats not the case, so you need to tell the people that you truly trust, otherwise its just not going to work. You will find happiness, stop self harming, do things that you enjoy doing. Do something else instead of self harm, listen to your music really loud, sing. Write in a diary. You are able to stop. Believe in yourself and never doubt the beauty that you hold. Hold on, you can do this. You have held on for so long, don’t give up now, it isn’t worth it. And it will never be worth it.
  • You are not worthless: I don’t need to know you personally to know that you are actually worth something. You are worth more than you think. Why do you feel the need to believe your own lies? You need to believe that you are worth it and you need to believe that you will get through this, the more you tell yourself that you aren’t worth it, you will start to feel like you’re not worth anything when the truth is you are worth everything. I understand that sometimes, the ones who surround you can make you feel like a worthless piece of shit, they can make you feel like nothing. Simply because it always seems like no one cares about you, but I care about you, your family care about you, your followers care about you, your friends care about you. Sure, sometimes their actions seem to prove otherwise, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care. Why would you let someone down grade you to something that you are not? Why would you let yourself fall for other peoples lies? You see all those people trying to make you feel like crap? Well you are above them and you should know that by now, simply because you do not feel the need to put someone down in order to make yourself feel better. Don’t you ever let an ex of yours, feel like you aren’t worth anything. Why give someone the power to control your life? To control what you do and how you feel? This is your life and you need to live it how you want to. This is your life and you need to realise that you are here for a reason. You don’t need someone to come along, to make you feel like you are worth something. You don’t need someone telling that you are worth it. Because you have always been worth it, whether you choose to believe it or not, is entirely up to you. Don’t let someone shape the way that you live and think. Don’t live in fear of never being good enough. The people around you see something special about you and now, it’s time for you. To see it within yourself. You’re worth it, see it. Believe it. Because its the truth and one day you are going to have to accept that fact.
  • To all women:  Love your body, for what it is. Take care of your body, treat it with respect. There is no need to feel like you need to be stick thin, to have the perfect body. To have the perfect hair. And all that shit. Don’t over work your body so that you can “fit in.” Don’t try to be someone you’re not. I mean. If you want to lose weight, then do it. But don’t do it for society. Do it for yourself. If you are happy with your weight, then stay happy with it. Don’t fall under any pressure with having to be thin. You are beautiful. How much you weigh and how tall you are does not make you any less beautiful. 
    You’re real and that’s what boys want. 
  • We all make mistakes: We all live with regrets. But you know what? Learn from those mistakes, don’t well on them, don’t think back on them and wonder how you could have done it so much better. And throw away all those regrets that you now live with today. Why? Because life is too short to be living with regrets. You deserve the best, you deserve happiness. Everyone does. But just remember one thing. That your best, will always be good enough. Whether you choose to believe it or not, is your choice. But it is the truth.
  • You will find someone:Just give it some time. You are an amazing person and I most definitely do not need to know you to say that about you. Never ever feel like you are not good enough, because you are and you just need to see it, you need to believe it. Never let any boy or girl get you down, or make you feel like you’re worthless. Because baby, you’re not and you are perfect just the way you are. Don’t ever change, for anyone. The right person will never change who you are when they are with you, they will only love you, for. You.
  • Don’t waste your time:Don’t waste you love on someone who doesn’t deserve it, who doesn’t treasure and cherish it. Yes, they mean a lot to you, I understand that. But if they can leave you and pretend like nothing ever happened, so can you. I am not telling you to never talk to them again, but for the time being. Don’t. Because if you keep talking to them, they are only going to hurt you, they are only going to cause you to fall for them more and more and you know what? It is time to move on and you shouldn’t have to do that to yourself. Live your life, don’t be scared to move on, don’t tell yourself that without them you would be nothing because you know what? You happen to be something amazing and you deserve nothing but the best. Just because you have been hurt once, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get what you want, no one can be too good for anyone, if you try, that is all that matters, but don’t let your fear of rejection stop you from getting what you want. Don’t lower your standards, what you want is what you deserve.
  • Don’t fall under the pressure of society: You don’t have to lose your virginity by any age. Be proud that you have never kissed someone, be proud that you have never had sex. Be proud that you are a virgin. If so society judges you, fuck them. Society can’t tell you to do shit. Don’t let society and the people tell you how to live your life. You don’t have to have sex to fit in, you don’t have to kiss someone to fit in. You don’t need to have sex to get friends, nor kiss someone. Why should it matter? This is your own personal business and no one elses. Never let anyone, force you to do something you don’t want to do because you might regret it. Wait, wait until you find the right person. Then it’ll mean something special, a lot of teenagers especially nowadays just do it because they can. And you know what the bad thing about that is? They regret it, because it was with the wrong person for all the wrong reasons. So be proud of who you are today, love yourself. Most importantly, don’t fall under the pressure of society. 

You are beautiful, each and every single one of you. Don’t you dare ever forget that. You are worth so much, don’t let a temporary feeling make you do something that you won’t have time to regret. You’re here for a reason. Treat your body with respect. Love yourself for who you really are. Keep on smiling, show the world how strong you are.

Hold on, stay strong & never stop fighting