Everyone’s always lonely all the time. It kind of ends up like this elastic ball of longing in your stomach for some intangible thing that you can’t always understand when actually it’s probably just everyone’s deepest need to be held onto like you’re someone’s life raft. And I think that’s probably the worst kind. When you stay up half the night holding onto the remnants of your body thinking of all the ways you might like to curve yourself around the hips of someone else and it’s not even sex, it’s not even relationships, they could be a male or female or whoever and it’s all about skin.

Sometimes I just want to be held for a very, very long time. And I want to walk to the kitchen being held, and make coffee and do all of that all at the same time. Because loneliness tends to shake you, and grip you by the neck and you’ll have pits in your stomach and dreams, and holes, and all the punctures you get left behind from feeling too much and having nowhere to put. So yes, probably most everyone is lonely and if they say they’re not, they’re lying.