"I'm going to kill myself."

When people put this on their blog. They mean it. They aren’t fishing for attention, they’re not looking for attention. All they want is someone to tell them why they should keep going, why they need to keep going, they need reasons to live instead of reasons to die. If someone is going to be so narrow minded that they believe that every single person who posts that on their blog is attention seeking then you need to take a good look at yourself. This is what a blog is for, to express yourself, to express how we feel everyday. 
Every single day, people who feel the need to take their own life is looking for hope. They come on here, hoping that someone will actually give them reasons to keep going rather than taking their own life.. You don’t want to push someone over the edge when they come on here one last time looking for what they need to keep going.. You don’t feed them reasons to take their own life by saying they are looking for attention.