What do you do. What do you do when you want something so bad that you know will never happen?

I don’t even know. That is the worst feeling in the world, I hate it and I am sure that every else does as well. I guess we just have to stop expecting, stop thinking about it, stop everything, and just give up. Sometimes there are times when you’re supposed to not give in, you’re supposed to fight for what you want. Everything can happen if you make it happen. But sometimes it takes time and it just isn’t that easy.

But there comes a time where we just need to give up and stop hurting ourselves. If it has been so long, maybe its just time we need to give up to prevent ourselves from hurting so much. Letting go of something that you want is the hardest thing. You should never think negatively though, you shouldn’t think that it won’t ever happen, because you never know. It might just happen, but until then, let go. It’ll happen when it does, if it does. Don’t hold onto something that might not be worth it in the end.

Things happen for a reason, so if it happens. It happens, if it doesn’t, then be grateful you were strong enough to let go and move on.