The new terms and conditions on the website is just Godly.

"You have to be at least 13 years old to use -. We're serious: it's a hard rule, based on U.S. federal and state legislation, even if you're 12.9 years old. If you're younger than 13, don't use -. Ask your parents for an Xbox or try books."

"Don't do bad things to - or other users. Some particularly egregious examples of automated "bad things" are listed in this section."

Uploading Sexually Explicit Video. "We're not in the business of profiting from adult-oriented videos and hosting this stuff is fucking expensive. You can use services like xHamster to host those instead."

Privacy Violations. Don't use - to deceptively obtain personal information. Don't post content that violates anyone's privacy, including personally identifying or confidential information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, unlisted contact information, "or private photos of your ex's junk (no matter how attractive)."