Wanna know a secret?

I don’t give a fuck. Never did, never will. You can spit all the shit you wanna say behind my back, but honey, you’d be surprise how good my hearing is. I know all of your lies, all this bullshit you seem to be spreading the moment my eyes avert another direction. I’m just going to play dumb with you. Pretend those smiles you shine this way are real. Pretend you mean a big part of my life. In all honesty, you’re setting yourself up for your own demise. I don’t need to do anything. I don’t need to confront you, bring up some confrontation to the stage for the world to have a show. I’m not even going to try and defend myself, get at you talking about how “You don’t even know two cents worth of shit from my life”. I ain’t about to get my hands dirty and smother it in your filth. I ain’t even about to stoop to your level and show the world the real you. The real little back stabbing demon lurking behind those fake eyelashes. Behind that make up exterior. You think you got me fooled. You think the world don’t know. You think you can pull this goody-two shoe attitude, like you're some type of angel.

No. I’m not about to expose you. Nah I’ll let you flaunt around like you're the shit. Like you got the world in your hands. Because one day, you’ll realize you took on too much than you can carry. One day, the world is going to fall right out your shitty, badly manicured nails. And Karma is gonna be a bigger bitch than I ever could be. When that day comes, and you look to me for help. I’m gonna give you this same smile. And walk away.

You’re drowning yourself in betrayal in lies and you don’t even know. Once you feel the pressure flaring up your nostrils, I’ll be above the surface laughing.

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