I was on the bus today to get ready to pick up the girlfriend from the hospital. Then I noticed a man that sat right across from me. As the buses made its stops. The bus started to fill up more and more until it was really full. But even through the crowd, I could see that no one wanted to sit with him. Was it that he looked weird? Was it that his arms were slanted weirdly? Was it that his eyes were different? I look as no one had sat beside him when there were clearly two spots beside him. So I got up literally pushed aside people to sit right next to him and sit there while I listened to my IPod. Something about him made me realize that the more different you are, the more you get judged, the more you get these weird looks. Being on that bus alone made me realize, it takes one person to make someones day. I felt his smile when I got off the bus. I loved the fact that I could do that to just one person. He’s handicap. So what. He ain’t perfect, and none of yall can judge him. Cause some of you all are fat, some of you all have mad pimples, some of you all..wait EVERYONE has many things about them that they don’t like. Don’t act like you’re perfect. Act like you’re human. That’s it.

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