I like you. There’s something about you that just draws me in and keeps me interested. I want to hear about your day, the things you did, what you like, what you don’t like, anything. I just love to listen to you talk, your voice, the sound I love falling asleep to and waking up to. Our endless late night phone calls, falling asleep together, denying the fact that we’re tired even though we both know that right when we close our eyes we’ll drift off into slumber. Being on the phone with each other through the silent moments, while we’re sleeping, or just doing whatever still not wanting to hang up. I like that feeling, being able to keep each other in constant company no matter what time it is or where we are, even if we’re miles apart. Texting, calling, IMing, webcamming and all of the things we do to keep in touch even with such distance. I like the way you’re able to make me happy, give me butterflies and is constantly on my mind. Usually it drives me nuts, but I don’t mind. I like our relationship the way it is, being able to share and tell each other everything, being open and honest. You’re someone special to me. I like it. I like you. No, wait. I love you.

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